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Coir Coat

Aabco Coir Paint

Coir mats and Rubber mats are Natural based products used for various decorative purposes. Ever-shine’s coir paint “AABCO COIR COAT” is based on High quality imported pigments which is apt for all types of Coir-Mats, Rubber- Mats, and Natural Fibre based products.

It is formulated with a quick air drying system, and also it has high resistance towards alkali acidic, Saltwater and moisture which complies all the European Quality standard guidelines.

Over the 26 years of expertise in the industry we have catered all our client-requirements entrusted upon us by various companies across the globe. Thus we have achieved our greatest position by contributing a major supply of Quality products in the Coir industry for International Tier-1 clients like AIKA, TARGET .etc.

  • Low VOC Content

    Low VOC Content

    VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds is present in most commercial paint brands. VOC can be dangerous because the chemical waste that it leaves behind is both non-biodegradable and non-recyclable. On the other hand, eco-friendly paints contain no or just trace amounts of it, wich has a significantly lower impact in damaging the environment.

  • Lower Health Risk

    Lower Health Risk

    VOCs have also been known to pose a serious health risk to people. Studies have shown that people continuously exposed to VOC in paints are more prone to lung cancer and other pulmonary diseases. Eco friendly paints, in contrast, do not have unsafe emissions that can have a negative impact on one’s health.

  • Made from Eco Based Materials

    Made from Eco Based Materials

    Eco paint is made from natural based materials that are both friendly to the environment and non-toxic.. Because of their natural makeup, they do not have harmful emissions during their manufacturing, as well as when using them.

  • Less Negative Impact on the Environment

    Less Negative Impact on the Environment

    The non-toxic nature of eco paint gives it a naturally earth friendly appeal. Chemical-based paints contain harmful components, such as naphthalene, benzene and toluene, which can cause damage the environment as well as people’s health. It also produces less waste and doesn’t increase the size of your carbon footprint at the same time.

  • Cost Efficient

    Cost Efficient

    While the price of eco paints may turn some people off initially, in the long run it can actually be more cost efficient to use them instead of more conventional paints. After all, overexposure to VOCs in paint can send you to an unexpected trip to the hospital because of health-related concerns. In addition, the general quality of eco paint is more superior to its chemical counterparts. It has been proven to have greater colour retention, viscosity, abrasion resistance and paint coverage.

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